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*** See the bottom of this page for a look at the items a business partner and myself put together for what has now become Google. This list had been deleted from this page however I came across this article about of all things the song Judas being a stolen song and the similarities on events in ways was striking so the list of the Intellectual Property that was siphoned off without payment is back.

The artist who originally wrote the song Judas mentioned two goons and the use of a friend, these events mirrored ours . Do these guy’s & girls have a clubhouse? or Calico (should this name be taken up) as a project is not about idle people sitting around munching around working through the medical ills that trouble us.

It is for those who look at the items on the table and see an approach that aims to bring health to humanity.

Dr Aubrey DE Grey PH.D from SENS.ORG has put forward a model to render our body systems ..

Previously when the opportunity came along I wrote out an approach to gain pretty much the highest award granted to the scientific community. The approach was taken up and the material or product worked.

In this way I am not trained as a scientist, but I am good at reading the rules, estimating where technology is at and writing out a new or advantageous approach in different areas of science. Over time I have developed a model to target cancer, also developing one or two approaches to eliminate virus's and approaches to liver and kidney problems as well as some other miscellaneous points that may prove important in the development of work to stabilize and repair and re-invigorate human health.

There are of course many people, experts working on the issues mentioned above. For me the main focus I choose to aid a project was to help find finance for it. Simply also for myself back in 98/99 I did not have the knowledge yet for science. A top science prize maybe, but not for serious human health problems. Only now can I begin to participate here.

While the I.P. that was developed by a partner & myself for what is now Google was taken and beside the money our families had helped us with being lost for myself that’s past and now is the main game.. Team Google was warned but paid no regard.

A Product for Free, Trade or Sale to improve the Efficiency & Fun of Education


Educate is designed to draw income from first world economies however pitched right down the track a grant from a group interested in developing third and second world countries education standards may not be unreasonable.

Educate a fairly simple approach to enhance education for private schools and well healed University Systems that at the end of the day, little education units to be delivered to Africa, Thailand, Cambodia, all over the place bringing Educate Units to the poor and the wealthy from Primary through Middle or High School all the way to a University Standard of Education.

No worry’s, the concept & deployment is fairly simple and is based upon lines already in use and enjoyed daily by hundreds of millions of users or people.

Educate is a product where a group interested in a few billion a year company could expect within months to follow and understand what is needed.

Educate as an idea or concept was an approach developed to build countries as Africa into I'd guess functional units capable of moving from natural and human aided distress and disaster to being a group able to build (with a little help) upon themselves.

Another continent to join the global world. Another continent to trade high end goods with.

As for marketing reasons the F500 Group of companies is in my mind because of the value of the goods they produce, service and trade. It comes down to economics, for the citizens of a country and the F500 that trade when looking at a less then developed nation.

It is simple, broke countries cannot buy many high end products. This means Proctor & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, L’Oreal and all the other F500 Group with high end products down to GE with $1.2 million dollar MRI Machines or Siemens with models in similar price ranges are companies unable to sell to countries without good education standards that the people can afford.

The companies mentioned above are only here to serve as examples of companies with products and services a fixed up Africa and other nations could afford should the work to build them up be a concern of those with the finance and power.

Coming from the Marketing & Advertising side a Repaired Continent the size of Africa makes me think “WoW, I’d like to see that”.

I’ll end my pitch here for my little Educate Units – “cheap high quality education”.


The list of previous Intellectual Property work obtained by Team Google for $zero dollars & $zero cents.

  • Adwords: The name and the concept (the main revenue generation system for the company).
  • The 99 year cookie. Thanks to a really great & clever Tonio Pirotta from A way to remember people when they came back to a site. Apparently they used a variation of this idea, running cookies to 2038.
  • The idea to change the home page banner both randomly and at Christmas and Easter. This was a marketing idea to keep things friendly and also an idea that made re-invention of a home page a new branding format.
  • Our notes on the Widget’s for your home page selection (time, stocks, weather etc.).
  • A free set of World Satellite maps (added to by flyovers SS's concept).
  • A “walking map” concept to be used for personal navigation (SS’s concept).
  • Street View Cars (SS’s concept).
  • The idea to make a price competitive OS or API called Android (the name comes from Radio Head’s Paranoid Android) with a corporation behind the OS for mobile phones, PDA’s, GPS system’s, Auto Entertainment systems, iPad a likes/tablet computers, TV’s, and eventually for industry use. A useful way to expand the search engines reach into mobile and other markets.
  • Around 1999 I started to point out to those around me that we needed a web patent to cover search engines. The company I had worked for had a very successful patent which helped it dominate their market and was always useful when marketing the company and its products. We did not write the search engine patent, we or I did point out the value of one.
  • Which companies to work with to promote The Android System: Sony, Motorola, LG, a Hong Kong or Taiwanese based phone manufacturer, Logitech.
  • A rival browser to MS Explorer. Should the browser option not be applicable then to create a skin/plugin?
  • A search engine function that would scan for lines of programme code.
  • A simple like Filemaker Pro programming language programmable search engine (So you can search exactly for things).
  • Notes to develop programing to use cheap networked computers (to get the best value per dollar on the large infrastructure needed).
  • The notes on changing copyright law so that “out of copyright books” could be scanned.
  • A $30 million dollar private moon landing competition (SS’s concept).
  • A slippery dip in the office.
  • A note that if handled properly the company was to be valued at $200 billion at 14 – 15 years.
  • A note to use Ireland as much as possible as the tax jurisdiction for the company.
  • A free mail page that implemented POP3 and IMAP (competition for YAHOO Mail and Hotmail).
  • Competitive applications to Microsoft Office products.
  • Integrated Android to web TV products.
  • Free childcare at work.
  • The idea to colour the logo in the colours of different peace movements (borrowed from “The Colors Benetton” a campaign previous to this time period).
  • An interest in Geothermal Energy.
  • An interest in Genetics.
  • The Neo-Hippy Philosophy: Don’t Be Evil.



AdWords 2.0 (value 3.5 times the Original AdWords which was mainly developed by Steven & myself around 1998/99).

What has now become Google were given their chance back then & were explicitly told that Mark II AdWords or AdWords 2.0 was coming up. They ran from the table like naughty children.

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