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Calico as a project is not about idle people sitting around munching around working through the medical ills that trouble us.

It's for those who look at the items on the table and see an approach that aims for example to hog tie both cancer and virus's until with our now arrived or arriving technology labor until these ills are cleared from the table.

Dr Aubrey DE Grey PH.D from SENS.ORG has put forward a model to render near 100% of cancers to obsolesce. For this model I thank him very much as the model set the goal posts for a great kick or more for a satisfactory response to cancer. Reading through Dr DE Grey's work led to me coming across an approach that may target a great many cancers very accurately.

Previously when the opportunity came along I wrote out an approach to gain pretty much the highest award granted to the scientific community. The approach was taken up and the material or product worked.

In this way I am not trained as a scientist, but I am good at reading the rules, estimating where technology is at and writing out a new or advantageous approach in different areas of science. Over time I have developed a model to target cancer, also developing one or two approaches to eliminate virus's and approaches to liver and kidney problems as well as some other miscellaneous points that may prove important in the development of work to stabilise and repair and re-invigorate human health.

I will look to be paid for this work and I may be able to aid in the process of financing the Calico project as I have had my eye on a Calico type project for over twenty years. Finally I have an idea or two on protecting the I.P. that will flow from this project being successful.

Educate is a product where a group interested in a few billion a year company could expect within months to follow and understand what is needed.

Interestingly this idea was lifted straight out of Mr Gate's handbook on an approach he is developing to build countries as Africa into I'd guess functional units capable of moving from natural and human aided distress and disaster to being a group able to build on themselves.

Another continent to join the globalising world.

Educate is designed to draw income from first world economies however pitched right down the track a grant from a group interested in developing third and second world countries education standards may not be unreasonable.

Educate a fairly simple approach to enhance education for private schools and well healed University Systems that at the end of the day, little education units to be delivered to Africa, Thailand, Cambodia, all over the place bringing Educate units to the poor and the wealthy.

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